Current Vatican Issues as Intriguing as Those Written About in "Witness to the Truth"

As compelling a figure as is Pope Francis I, the Roman Catholic Church's new Argentine Jesuit pope, many seem to have forgotten what things were like in the early days of Polish Pope John Paul II, who shook up the papacy dramatically and stirred waves of widespread interest. 

Louis Moore's Witness to the Truth, published by Hannibal Books, includes a  fascinating up-close look at John Paul's early days in the Vatican. Moore, religion editor of the Houston Chronicle for more than 14 years, writes about John Paul's election and early trips to Mexico, the U.S., Canada, and the Dominican Republic as well as his historic Extraordinary Synod in 1985 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Vatican Council II. 

The book includes an inside look not only at Roman Catholics today but also views of Southern Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and other denominations as well as modern-day Judaism and Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus in America.
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More than 60 Ebooks Now Available

Hannibal Books is moving ahead rapidly to convert all of its printed books into the new electronic book formats. The following books are now available online through Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Apple's iBooks, and other ebook outlets. Plans call for having all Hannibal Books that are able to be converted to the ebook formats available to the public by mid-2013.

  • Adopting Darrell by Carol V. Weishampel 
  • Alcohol Today by Peter Lumpkins
  • Ambassadors on Mission by Dan Crawford
  • An Uncommon Faith by Mark Moses
  • Awaken the Dawn by Doris Wolfe
  • Be a 24/7 Christian by Wade Akins
  • Beyond Surrender by Barbara Singerman   
  • Country Music Comin' Home by James C. Hefley
  • Created to be Spiritual by Joe Tarry
  • Families of the Bible by Howard Hovde and Louis Moore
  • Finding a Job God's Way by David Rawles
  • Gathering the Missing Pieces in an Adopted Life by Kay Moore
  • Gleanings from God's Word by Gene and Jean Phillips
  • God's Formula for Genuine Happiness by Dan R. Crawford 
  • Grandma's on the Go by Carol Weishampel    
  • Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip by Carol Weishampel    
  • Hearing Christ's Voice by Kelly Malone
  • How to be Spiritual Without Being Weird by Christy Brawner
  • In Care of the Conductor by Jim Rogers
  • In His Steps Today by Marti Hefley
  • It's a Jungle Out There by Ron Snell
  • Incredibly Gifted by Darrell W. Robinson
  • Jesus Restores True Spirituality by Joe Tarry
  • Jungle Calls by Ron Snell
  • Left Alive to Die by Susan Keen
  • Lessons from a Broken Chopstick by Mary Anne Phemister
  • Life is a Jungle by Ron Snell
  • Life Verses ALIVE by Ed Jackson
  • Make-Believers by Steve T. Hunter
  • Mama It Ain't Over 'Til the Pink Marble Comes by Sandee Williams with Jeanne Todd
  • Misadventures in Travel by Paula Edwards
  • Mud Hen in a Peacock Parade: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven by Dan Crawford
  • No Other Time Like This One by Ed Jackson 
  • Now My Eye Sees You by Greg Ammons
  • On the 8th Day ... God Laughed by Gene Perret
  • Rebekah Ann Naylor, M.D., Missionary Surgeon in Changing Times by Camille Hornbeck
  • Rescue: Abducted and Threatened with Death, This Woman and Her Husband Draw on God's Lessons by Jean Phillips
  • Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower by Joe B. Hewitt
  • Servant on the Edge of History by Sam James
  • Sex 101 by John Gries
  • Sharing Your Faith with Muslims by Wade Akins
  • The Daughter of No One by Viola Palmer
  • The Last Week of Seven Years and the Apostle John's Surprise by Joe Tarry
  • The Man in the Green Jeep by Viola Palmer
  • The Marvel of It All by Joe and Leona Tarry
  • The Most Excellent Way by Jerry Corbaley 
  • The Wit and Wisdom of Pastor Joe Brumbelow by David Brumbelow
  • Unmoveable Witness by Marion Corley
  • Way Back in the "Korn" Fields by James Hefley
  • Way Back in the Country Garden by Kay Moore
  • Way Back in the Country: Recipes from six generations of East Texas farm cooking and the stories behind them by Kay Moore
  • Way Back in the Hills 2: 'Fessor Goes to College by James Hefley
  • Way Back in the Ozarks (Book 2): The Tale of Danny Boy by Howard Hefley
  • Way Back in the Ozarks: A Story of a Boy, a Dog, and his 'Coon by Howard Hefley
  • Way Back When by James Hefley
  • What If Everyone Lived Next Door to Jesus by Gary Stone
  • When the Heart Soars Free by Kay Moore
  • When You Both Go to Work by Louis and Kay Moore
  • White Butterfly: While parents minister, a beloved daughter disappears off the face of the earth by Vanda Terrell
  • Witness to the Truth: Lessons learned by a veteran journalist through four decades of watching the church by Louis Moore


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Bloggers Review "How to Share Christ with Your Friends of Another Faith"

Dr. Jeff Brawner's book made blog headlines on October 23 as part of a blog tour. Each blogger posted about the book, and some included their personal reviews of the literary work. Visit the blogs below to see what others are saying about this publication. Our own post about Dr. Brawner's book can be found here, and you can purchase the book here.


Longtime Missionary/Pastor/Professor Offers Practical Guide to Sharing Christ with People of Other Religious Backgrounds

Talking about religious beliefs can be intimidating. It’s even considered to be one of the topics you never broach with friends and family if you want to keep the peace—right along with politics. Yet Dr. Jeff Brawner says sharing Christ with those of other beliefs doesn’t have to be scary or confrontational. In fact conversations about faith should be done in love.
To help alleviate Christians’ fears about talking with friends who have a different belief system, Brawner has written a new book, How to Share Christ with Your Friends of a Different Faith. Not another theological publication that is read and then sits on the shelf, Brawner’s book is a practical guide designed to move believers from talking about sharing their faith to actually initiating spiritual conversations that respectfully express their relationship with Christ.

In his book Brawner begins by explaining why Christians should share their faith and then offers tips for expanding one’s circle of friends to include those of other faiths. The next eight chapters discuss different religious beliefs—Roman Catholic, Protestant, Animistic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Mormon, and Atheist/Humanist/Agnostic—and include a brief background on and overview of the religion, a detailed example of a plan for talking with others about Christ, and questions people might ask about Christianity. Brawner has written each chapter as a self-sustaining guide so that the reader can quickly open to the chapter that corresponds to the religion in question and find all of the information needed.

Brawner’s easy-to-use guide breaks down each religion and offers specific step-by-step plans for how to share one’s faith. His format not only relates to the religions mentioned in the book but easily can be applied to any other belief system.

In the book’s foreword, Dr. Robin Hadaway, interim president and professor of missions at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO, writes, “Profound, penetrating, and practical are words that spring to mind when describing this extremely original book on evangelizing all peoples. Jeff Brawner combines a scholar’s grasp of theology with a missionary’s heart for the lost to produce one of the finest works in years on evangelism.”

Dr. Jeff Brawner is chairman of the Department of Missions at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Cordova, TN. In his ministry he has experience as an overseas missionary, pastor, and youth minister. He and his wife, Christy, have two daughters—Anna and Elizabeth.


Blogger Calls "Adopting Darrell" a "Must-Read"

In a recent post at The Old Crow's Empty Nest, blogger Narita offers her honest opinion of one of Hannibal's books, "Adopting Darrell." Narita says the story is "heartbreaking", and "amazing testimony", and a "must-read." We appreciate her time in reviewing the book. Read her review at her blog, The Old Crow's Empty Nest.

"Adopting Darell"  is the story of Carol Weishampel who joyfully opens her heart and home to angelic-looking Darrell—a "shaken", abused baby, whose horrific injuries leave him blind and retarded.
But adopting Darrell quickly becomes an hourly, uphill struggle, even for this seasoned mom and professional educator, who holds a doctor of education degree. This single parent and her other, subsequent adopted children literally are held hostage by Darrell's violent temper tantrums and untrainable behavior.
The book sheds light on questions such as: 
  • Who adopts special-needs or severely disabled children? 
  • Why and how do they take on this challenge?
  • What difference can Weishampel possibly make in the life of this uncommunicative boy? 
  • What purpose do those such as Darrell have on earth?

Weishampel's poignant search for answers to these and other profound questions leaves a helpful legacy of hope for anyone who has ever had responsibility for such a child.


Great Deal: 50% Off One of Our Most Popular Books

Jungle Calls by Ron Snell is Book 3 of The Rani Adventures, also known as The Jungle Series. Now, for a limited time only, we are offering this great summer read for 50% off the smaller, first edition.

This first edition is 4 1/4 inches by 7 inches. (The second edition was 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches.) 

Extremely popular with the Christian homeschool audience as well as people of all ages, The Rani Adventures depict what life was like for a young missionary kid growing up in the rainforests of Peru.

Snell writes: "It was 7:30 at night. Standing in inky black jungle, we were hundreds of miles from the nearest lightbulb. The call of insects and frogs shrilled in our ears. Somewhere nearby, we knew, were Indians who killed anyone who ventured into their territory. What we didn't know was whether they were coming to kill us. Even so, after almost a year in the concrete jungles of Chicago at the Moody Bible Institute, there was no place else I'd rather be. I was 17."

This third book in the Rani Adventure Series is filled with more true stories of high-pitched tension and hilarious adventure. The Matses Indian contact. The attempt to raft through the Boqueron. The night an idiot Chihuahua became a hero. And through it all, a thought-provoking look at the jungle, at the Machiguenga Indians, at the process of translating Scripture into another language.

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