New Book Looks at Backyard Gardens and Homespun Cooking

With the Great Recession prompting many to till their yards to produce food for the family’s mealtimes, a new book, Way Back in the Country Garden, reminisces about days in which our forebears relied almost totally on the family garden instead of the convenient grocery store.

The book, by Kay Wheeler Moore, is a blend of stories about six generations of a family and their recipes developed from the food that is home-grown.

Way Back in the Country Garden is a sequel to Moore’s popular Way Back in the Country, published in 2002. That book encouraged people not only to preserve their families’ legendary recipes but also to preserve the lore about the people who popularized these recipes within a family.

As with the previous book, Moore tells the stories through the lives of the Three Red-Haired Miller Girls (her mother and two aunts), who grew up in farm-rich Delta County, TX, (in East Texas between Commerce and Paris), as well as through the generations surrounding them.

The lively Miller Girls, reared with modest means, nevertheless believed they were rich because their garden’s yield was so plentiful and because their creative Mama used her kitchen magic to make a meal fit for royalty.
Today, with frugal people becoming more resourceful, the family garden is so popular that even the prices of seeds and plants have inflated. Even the wife of U.S. President Barack Obama, as an example for others, is growing vegetables in her own White House garden.

The book contains an ample recipe collection for breakfast foods; relishes, appetizers, and jellies; salads; beverages, soups, and stews; vegetable sides; main dishes; and desserts—all to be prepared with produce fresh from the garden.

Kay Wheeler Moore is a Pulitzer-Prize nominee who stirred up her heirloom cornbread from Way Back in the Country on live TV while she promoted preserving family history through recipes. Her other previous books are When the Heart Soars Free, a book of Christian fiction, and Gathering the Missing Pieces in an Adopted Life, based on her Houston Chronicle newspaper series. Read about her and her husband's current experiences of cooking with homegrown ingredients at The Newfangled Country Gardener.


     Recommendations for the National Day of Prayer

y people throughout the nation have specifically focused on prayer today, we wanted to offer a couple suggestions of books that can help deepen a relationship with Christ. Hope these are helpful!

Perhaps you need some encouragement in your spiritual life? Check out Living in His Presence: Experience the Reality of God by Gina Moroney. Read what others are saying about this book:

Gina reveals her deepest reflections as she pulls back the curtain to give us a glimpse of her spiritual life. Truly, it is her witness to the touch of the Master’s Hand. Sit back, relax, and enjoy; let the story of Living in His Presence
unfold page by page

~ Senior Pastor Charles E. Green, Message of Life Ministries, Loveland, Colorado

Living in His Presence is a gentle encouragement to go deeper with God and experience His presence on a daily basis. In a tender and gracious manner, Gina draws the reader in with practical, attainable steps for growing in intimacy with God.
~ Doug and Becky McKenna, Know Him Christian Sportswear

Living in His Presence reveals the heart of God through Gina, in whom He has obviously placed His heart. How does God become the satisfaction and delight of your life, moment by moment? Ask through the pages of this book, and you will see.

~ Tim and Terri Hayes, Division Director, Marketplace Chaplains USA

Gina points the way to a vibrant life in God’s presence, using a powerful combination of biblical truth and pers
onal experience. Discover fresh insights from Gina’s story. Join her in this rewarding journey filled with incomprehensible joy.
~ Gail Horstman, Pastoral Care, New Community Christian Church

**Or, maybe you need a plan in how to put your faith into action? Anne Fortenberry's Faith that Works can help.

nne explains what difference faith should make in our lives? If works don't insure our salvation, what's the purpose of right Christian behavior? If we have transformed lives in Christ, what specific works represent an outgrowth of our belief? Anne Fortenberry tackles all these questions in her nine-week interactive Bible study, Faith that Works. In a warmhearted, personal approach, Anne reveals fresh insights into the Book of James that will strengthen participants' faith, enrich their walk with the Lord, and challenge them to apply well-known scriptural principles.