Delve into the Life of an Unsung Texas Hero

Ernest T. "Bull" Adams was the first-ever Rhodes Scholar from Baylor University, but he spent most of his adult years on his knees sifting through the dirt as he unearthed clues about the earliest humans. He was a formidably brilliant lawyer and apt public official, yet he tenderheartedly devoted much of his professional career to representing the down-and-out.

Blessed with Herculean physical prowess that earned him his nickname, this gentle giant was most at home while he entranced youngsters from his hometown in Glen Rose, TX, with yarns about his rugged, enigmatic life. A highly contagious illness during young manhood relegated Bull to rambling throughout the Southwest, thus spending lonely years away from loved ones, yet none was more esteemed than this oft-unkempt, unconventional legend who left behind a vast legacy of knowledge through his passion for the ancients.

Dr. Jeffery J. Pruitt, whose family along with the rampaging "Bull" shared Central Texas roots near the Paluxy River, artfully unravels, in This Man Called Bull, the life of this complex creature, whose genius continues to influence others even today. Dr. Pruitt authentically describes this "Bullish" hero who never knew the word quit and who dared to be a different spirit.


New Book Launches Spanish-Language Division of CrossHouse Publishing

Diez Elecciones de Vida, the Spanish translation of Bob Perdue's Ten Life Choices (CrossHouse Publishing, 2010) is the inaugural release of Casa de la Cruz, the Spanish imprint of CrossHouse Publishing and Hannibal Books.

CrossHouse, the self-publishing division of KLMK Communications, has added numerous English-language books to its collection since its inception in 2003. Dr. Katie Welch, publisher of CrossHouse, saw this Spanish-language division as a natural fit with the company's goals. Many authors who have worked either with CrossHouse or Hannibal Books, KLMK's traditional publishing division, have served as missionaries in Spanish-speaking countries and desire to have their books published in Spanish. And, as the population of Spanish-speaking people within the U.S. increases, authors will have an incredible opportunity to reach that audience with their message.

Dr. Welch, whose doctoral work in linguistics focused specifically on the Spanish language, has a passion for and is excited to see the Christian evangelical message translated into Spanish. She hopes to have many more Spanish-language books join the ranks in the future. As Casa de la Cruz continues to grow, KLMK Communications, Inc. will be adding additional staff members capable of proofreading and editing in Spanish.

Diez Elecciones de Vida is about overcoming our pasts (sin, wounds, abuse, rejection, etc.) and dealing with our present (depression, addictions, codependent relationships, shame, guilt, etc.) to live life to the fullest--to experience fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness and meaningful relationships. In John 10:10 Jesus says that He came to give us life--life to the fullest! He makes life a possibility for everyone, because He paid for all of our past and present problems. We have been given the power to choose life and to experience it every day . . . the life we were created to live! Diez Elecciones de Vida by Bob Perdue highlights 10 specific and practical choices that lead us to the life we were always meant to live.

For additional information about Casa de la Cruz, contact Dr. Welch at katie@crosshousepublishing.org.


    One Man's Martyrdom Didn't End His Story or His Music

The 1930s were very difficult years for Christians in the lands of Russia. Thousands laid down their lives for their faith. Among these was Georgy (pron: Gay-or-ghee) Slesarev, first violinist of Moscow's prestigious Bolshoi Theater Orchestra.

They Could Not Stop the Music is the story of one believer who, rather than choosing to hide his faith and make life easy for himself, his wife and two children, chose to let his light shine in the midst of one of the darkest periods in history when being a witness meant, more often than not, martyrdom. But for this servant of Christ, hiding his faith was never an option because he saw his position in the world-renowned musical body as a direct assignment from God. He had been placed there to be His witness, which eventually led to Georgy's arrest and confinement in a Siberian Gulag. 

The twist in Georgy's story, however, is sparked by the opportunity he was given to return to his position with the orchestra and to his family. The condition: He would have to sign a document promising never to share about Christ again. Even though Georgy refused to sign the document and was subsequently executed, they tried but they could not stop the music.


    Beauty Sells, but What's Beautiful?

From today's vantage point beauty is defined by personal tastes and popular opinions. But in God's eyes, what is true beauty? If the Bible could define what beauty is, what would the outcome be?

In The Purple Curtain, pastor Brian Chan examines beauty from a biblical perspective and how it affects our relationship with God. Chan contends that understanding true beauty can change broken people as they discover more of God's loveliness and--in turn--grow to love Him more. He explores cultural ideas about beauty from historical and contemporary philosophers, artists, writers, films, art and stories.

Readers will learn how they can recognize authentic beauty daily and will be challenged to make beauty out of brokenness as they grow in God's love and as witnesses of Christ.

Brian S. Chan was born in San Francisco as a Chinese American and is married to Ellen. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, with B.A.'s in psychology and sociology and from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Th.M. in historical theology and a M.A. in Christian Education. He completed his thesis study on the subject of the beauty of God. He has exhibited his artwork in the San Francisco Bay area, Chicago and Dallas. He is the founding and lead pastor of One Thing Church in Hollywood, CA, and a faculty member at Biola University. A passionate love for God drives him to pastor, write, create and live.

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