The Little Brown-Haired Girl Series Expands with Two New Books

The Little Brown-Haired Girl and the Bad Bug BiteThe Little Brown-Haired Girl and the SandboxIn the second book of the Little Brown-Haired Girl series, the Little Brown-Haired Girl once again is playing outside in her neighborhood--only this time she "forgets" her shoes. When she enters the garage to look for a ball, she is greeted by a very unpleasant visitor! OUCH! Through this unfortunate encounter the Little Brown-Haired Girl realizes the importance of listening to and obeying her parents.

In the third book of the Little Brown-Haired Girl series, the Little Brown-Haired Girl invites her friend Nan over to play in her new sandbox. Everything is going great until the Little Brown-Haired Girl finds herself covered in sand. It's in her eyes, her mouth--everywhere! Even worse, her friend Nan is to blame for this mess . . . or is she?

These two join the first book, The Little Brown-Haired Girl and the Secret-Tree Club. They are illustrated by Nathaniel Platts and are written by Kay Moore, who feels fortunate to live in her "growing-up" neighborhood where she daily can walk by the site of the sandbox and bug-bite incidents and still can climb in her special tree.


New Book Exposes Jehovah's Witness' Beliefs, Explains How to Help Watchtower Victims

Though its members represent one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, the Jehovah's Witnesses remain one of the most enigmatic and puzzling groups to many people today. Few people never have been visited by a "Witness", but what exactly do these determined people actually believe? What makes them so different from other Christian denominations?

In this spellbinding look at the Watchtower Society, Joe B. Hewitt, formerly a third-generation Jehovah's Witness who was indoctrinated by his mother and grandfather with Watchtower teachings, pulls back the curtain of mystery and exposes lies, the mind control, and the glaring contradictions of biblical truth behind the organization that has sent those smiling faces to your front door. Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower contains heartbreaking stories of former adherents, including himself, who were betrayed by the JW's.

Joe says instead of evangelizing others, the Witnesses themselves need to be rescued from the cult-like organization. The book describes how people who know the real truth of Christ's love can rescue the Watchtower's slaves from intellectual and emotional bondage.

Bob Dean, executive director of the Dallas Baptist Association, says, "Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower is a compelling personal story and a well-researched documentary of what really goes on in the Watchtower Society. Joe Hewitt, a former Jehovah Witness, writes with insight in how to communicate freedom in Christ to prisoners of the Watchtower. You will find this book to be an inspiring story but also a great resource of historical facts and biblical truth concerning Jehovah Witnesses."

Formerly a third-generation Jehovah's Witness, Joe B. Hewitt has dedicated himself to exposing the Watchtower's false teachings and to help Jehovah's Witnesses ascend from mental bondage into Christian liberty.


"Incorrigible"-Rebel-Turned-Trophy-of-Grace on WBCL's Mid-Morning with Lynn Ford

Listen to Iris' June 20th interview on WBCL's Mid-Morning show here. Six wonderful authors are featured during the show's Author! Author! segment. (Iris is on the show from minutes 21:29 to 32:14.)

Iris was raised in a middle-class Christian home, but she was rebellious almost from the start. Running away at the age of thirteen, she became involved with drugs and prostitution, and at seventeen was arrested for armed robbery. Once released from prison, she continued down a path of self-destruction. From numerous abortions to using heroin, to managing a topless bar, Iris turned from God's calling again and again.

But God, who in eternity past had devised a plan for this "incorrigible" rebel, didn't give up on Iris. He had work for her to do, and would one day turn this "incorrigible" rebel into one of His beautiful trophies of grace. Iris: Trophy of Grace by Ron Owens with Iris Blue details Iris' life, from self-destruction to God's salvation.


E-Books Published Through Hannibal and CrossHouse Help Authors Reach a Broader Audience

In another exciting expansion Hannibal Books and CrossHouse Publishing have begun to release their books in digital versions available through Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook, as well as many other popular e-reader applications.   

Throughout the past few years the digital book industry has exploded. According to the Association of American Publishers, the industry's national trade organization, growth still is occurring at an incredible rate. The AAP's report states that digital formats of books saw revenue gains of 145.7 percent in March 2011 versus March 2010.  

We saw this as another fantastic opportunity for authors to reach an even broader spectrum of readers. As soon as its print version is released, every new book will be available as an e-book. Then throughout the next year we will release all previously published books in digital formats. Browse the Hannibal books and CrossHouse books currently available on Amazon's Kindle. 

Recent industry reports also indicate that this growth does not mean print books are obsolete. Bowker, the global leader in bibliographic information, released its annual report that states that in 2010, traditional U.S. print titles increased output by five percent after a four-percent increase the previous year. Even more encouraging is the 169-percent increase from 2009 to 2010 in the non-traditional print sector of self-publishing and micro-niche publications.  

Great opportunities abound in the publishing world. We are thrilled to be able to offer our authors and their readers greater variety along with our traditional print offerings.


Hermano Pablo's Vision Left Its Mark on Latin America

Driven with desire to put the gospel message on radio and TV in the Spanish-speaking world, Paul Finkenbinder (popularly known as Hermano Pablo) worked tirelessly to see his unprecedented dream fulfilled. With few resources except for an unfaltering faith in God, Hermano Pablo doggedly pursued the vision even when others, including his own family and co-workers, wondered whether the cost was worth it all.

Today, as Hermano Pablo and his wife, Linda, look back on nearly 70 years in ministry, they clearly see God's handiwork that made Hermano Pablo through his broadcasts one of the most influential Christian leaders in Latin America in the 20th century. Read more about Hermano Pablo's story, That Powerful Light, by Linda Finkenbinder.