Book Reviewer Holding Contest for Free Book

What could be better than sitting down with a new book to dive into its story? Sitting down with a new FREE book to dive into its story. The blogger at This Mom's Delight perused Wade Akins' book Be a 24/7 Christian and offered her honest review today on her blog. She is hosting a two-week contest, at the end of which one lucky person will receive a free copy of Be a 24/7 Christian. Jump on over to her blog to read the review and put your name in for the drawing.


    Blogs Illustrate Changing Ways Authors
    Are Expanding Their Reach

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Readers today have many different options for digesting books. Of course, at the moment, the traditional paper version remains supreme, but sales and research indicate this is changing rapidly-- how fast depends on who you ask.

Much of the discussion involves i-Pads and E-readers, but a whole different dimension is involved, too. Authors are taking to the Internet to promote their books through their own websites and blogs, as well as through Facebook accounts, YouTube productions, blogs, and so forth.

Kay Wheeler Moore's new blog, The Newfangled Country Gardener, is an example of what Hannibal Books and CrossHouse Publishing are encouraging their authors to do. We are telling our authors to expand their horizons and look for creative ways to engage their readers. Kay, author of Way Back in the Country Garden, is exemplifying this: her delightful recipe book provides the core from which the blog expounds.

Typically updated five days a week, The Newfangled Country Gardener provides photos and descriptions of recipes, tips on gardening, and insights into eating healthy. Recipes such as Skillet Gnocchi with Spinach and White Beans, "Big-Easy" Gumbo, Mediterranean Chicken Salad, and Praline-Pecan French Toast not only tantalize the taste buds but recommend essential nutrients to staying healthy.

The blog was inspired by Kay's newest book, Way Back in the Country Garden, which features six generations of recipes that call for fresh-from-the-garden ingredients. Included are fascinating stories centering around the Three Red-Haired Miller Girls (Kay's mother and aunts), who grew up in Delta County, TX, with their own backyard garden so lavish that they felt as though they were royalty after their Mama wielded her kitchen magic on all that was homegrown. Way Back in the Country Garden was the sequel to Way Back in the Country, Kay's first recipe book published in 2002.

Kay's blog picks up where her book leaves off with everyday stories about "Hubby" (since Kay happens to be married to me, her blog can get a little personal at times) and our attempts to eat a much healthier diet.

On several occasions when Kay has been unable to post on a particular day, faithful blog readers email her to find out whether she is ill or out of pocket--a clear indication of how well the blog is being read.

Louis Moore
Like Kay, more and more Hannibal and CrossHouse authors are finding that their blogs are natural extensions of their books' outreach. Be sure to check to see whether your favorite Hannibal or CrossHouse author has joined the parade yet.

Meanwhile, those of you wanting our books in electronic forms, hang on to your seats for a few more months until we unveil plans to make all of our books available in all the electronic formats available today. Already some of our most popular books are being field-tested for this developing revolution.

--Louis Moore, President
KLMK Communications Inc.  
(parent company, Hannibal Books and CrossHouse Publishing)


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