Can a belief in evolution and Christianity co-exist?

Many outspoken scientists believe the theory of evolution is fact; therefore, some Christians feel compelled to reconcile evolution with their biblical beliefs. Sam McCormick felt the same way yet was uneasy about compromising the inerrancy of Scripture. After years of believing evolution fit into his biblical views, Sam was introduced to surprising information that sparked a three-year exhaustive study of the theories of evolution and six-day creation.

In a substantial but easy-to-understand way, Sam dives head-first into these theories in his new book, Evolution: How a Theory Made a Monkey Out of Man. Using research from countless scientists and other sources Sam examines evolution and creation first on a scientific basis and then with a biblical foundation. Through a look into details such as Natural Law, the geologic column, the missing links of Lucy and other fossils, evidence for the biblical flood and the complexity of living cells, Sam provides a solid starting point from which both Christians and non-Christians can evaluate and then learn to defend their own beliefs.


Hannibal Author Discusses His Personal Spiritual Warfare

For centuries, many evangelicals have described themselves as spiritual warriors. The church often promotes this idea as a purpose and goal of a Christian. Stories of fighting unseen demons and Satan’s attacks have even been made into popular movies and books.

While the intentions behind this perspective are usually good, the belief that Christians are spiritual warriors designed to fight for and defend the cause of Christ is misplaced. In Ambassadors on Mission: The Priority of Prayer and Proclamation, veteran author Dan R. Crawford explains that Christians are actually ambassadors, not warriors. He says believers are designed to withstand Satan’s attacks—not to actively fight—while representing Christ in everyday situations.

Dr. Crawford first begins his look into the ambassadorship of Christians by examining why the image of a warrior does not fit with the Christian model. He explains that while Christians are not designed to seek and dest
roy Satan—because Jesus has already defeated Satan—Christians will get caught in the crossfire and must know how to withstand attacks.

Through the remaining chapters of Ambassadors on Mission, Dr. Crawford takes an insightful journey through Ephesians 6:10-20. This passage, which lists the spiritual armor a Christian should use, is often thought to promote the role of a warrior. However, as Dr. Crawford examines each phrase as well as the overall message in the chapter, he quickly shows that the essence is one of prayer and proclamation to stand against spiritual warfare.

His step-by-step walk through the Scripture in Ephesians 6 also includes an explanation of some of Satan’s strategies, as well as what methods Christians should employ as ambassadors of the Truth. Dr. Crawford’s personal stories of spiritual warfare and his down-to-earth commentary on spiritual warfare in the 21st cen
tury provide a firm foundation for believers to achieve God’s mission as ambassadors.

Dan R. Crawford is senior professor of evangelism and missions, chair of prayer, emeritus, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX, and author/compiler of 17 books including, God’s Formula for Genuine Happiness and Mud Hen in a Peacock Parade: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven. He and his wife, Joanne, are retired and living in Fort Worth.


Stay in Charge of Your Choices in the New Year

We can't always control what life dishes out to us in the course of a year, but we can choose how we respond to those circumstances.
In his new book 365 Days of Life: Choosing Life in Christ One Day at a Time, Pastor Bob Perdue delivers to the reader 365 days' worth of choices that spring directly from the pages of God's Word. Pithy, poignant, personal devotional meditations are accompanied by Scripture truths as well as interactive thoughts designed to help the reader determine what choice toward life he or she will make each day.

Bob shares from his sometimes-painful life pilgrimage in hopes of helping people pull back any layers that might hinder them from a closer walk with the Lord. With zany devotional titles such as "Choose Starbucks" and "Choose to Chill" alongside those such as "Choose Honesty" and "Choose Grace" readers will be entertained as well as challenged to take their choice-making to a deeper level.
--Taken from the January issue of the KLMK Courier, the newsletter of KLMK Communications, parent company of Hannibal Books and CrossHouse Publishing


Anne Fortenberry Featured on Blog Tour

To help readers conquer their spiritual New Year's resolutions, the blogs listed below have participated in a blog tour for Anne Fortenberry's Faith that Works: A Topical Study on the Book of James. Anne's book is a nine-week Bible study that delves in-depth into James' writings, including the topics of faith and works. Check out the posts and reviews of Anne's book at the blogs listed below.


2010 Opens with Hannibal Author Cited in Chicago Tribune, Wheaton Sun

After a busy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday season, Hannibal Books and its authors are off to a running start! Over the next few days, stay tuned to see which authors have been popping up in the media.

The first to mention is Mary Anne Phemister, author of
Lessons from a Broken Chopstick: A memoir of a peculiar childhood. She has already been cited in two newspaper articles.

To read the Chicago Tribune article in which Mary Anne discusses the closing of a local Barnes and Noble, visit the
Tribune's website. For an article solely focused on Mary Anne and her new book, visit the Wheaton Sun's site.