Can a belief in evolution and Christianity co-exist?

Many outspoken scientists believe the theory of evolution is fact; therefore, some Christians feel compelled to reconcile evolution with their biblical beliefs. Sam McCormick felt the same way yet was uneasy about compromising the inerrancy of Scripture. After years of believing evolution fit into his biblical views, Sam was introduced to surprising information that sparked a three-year exhaustive study of the theories of evolution and six-day creation.

In a substantial but easy-to-understand way, Sam dives head-first into these theories in his new book, Evolution: How a Theory Made a Monkey Out of Man. Using research from countless scientists and other sources Sam examines evolution and creation first on a scientific basis and then with a biblical foundation. Through a look into details such as Natural Law, the geologic column, the missing links of Lucy and other fossils, evidence for the biblical flood and the complexity of living cells, Sam provides a solid starting point from which both Christians and non-Christians can evaluate and then learn to defend their own beliefs.

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