Stay in Charge of Your Choices in the New Year

We can't always control what life dishes out to us in the course of a year, but we can choose how we respond to those circumstances.
In his new book 365 Days of Life: Choosing Life in Christ One Day at a Time, Pastor Bob Perdue delivers to the reader 365 days' worth of choices that spring directly from the pages of God's Word. Pithy, poignant, personal devotional meditations are accompanied by Scripture truths as well as interactive thoughts designed to help the reader determine what choice toward life he or she will make each day.

Bob shares from his sometimes-painful life pilgrimage in hopes of helping people pull back any layers that might hinder them from a closer walk with the Lord. With zany devotional titles such as "Choose Starbucks" and "Choose to Chill" alongside those such as "Choose Honesty" and "Choose Grace" readers will be entertained as well as challenged to take their choice-making to a deeper level.
--Taken from the January issue of the KLMK Courier, the newsletter of KLMK Communications, parent company of Hannibal Books and CrossHouse Publishing

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