CrossHouse Publishing Amicably Launches out on Its Own After Seven Years Under Hannibal Books' Wing

As book-publishing undergoes dramatic changes brought on by the technological revolution sweeping the world today, CrossHouse Publishing reflects the best of those trends. The small, independently-owned, Christian-oriented company is designed and fashioned to meet the headwinds facing the industry as a whole and to soar on the backs of the eagle-like new technology available today. 

On October 1, 2011, CrossHouse Publishing officially was spun off from its parent company, KLMK Communications, d.b.a. Hannibal Books, which birthed and nurtured the new company into maturity. Hannibal Books will continue in the path of traditional publishers while CrossHouse Publishing will move forward rapidly into the emerging book self-publishing culture.

Corporately small, agile, and flexible, CrossHouse is designed to provide personalized service to self-published authors who desire to drive their own books into success in the marketplace. This contrasts with larger self-publishing companies, which have in recent years created their own versions of CrossHouse and rely heavily on impersonal phone banks to market their products to authors using software-based products that often leave new authors frustrated and feeling cut off from the freedom they had been promised.

The new company, officially known as Cross Communciations, Inc., is headed by Dr. Katie Welch, a Phi Beta Kappa Baylor University graduate, who also holds a Ph.d. degree in linguistics from the University of Texas in Arlington. Prior to forming Cross Communciations, Inc., two months ago, Dr. Welch worked for KLMK Communications, Inc., nurturing and leading CrossHouse Publishing into maturity.

Louis Moore, owner of KLMK Communications, Inc., said, "We anticipate that under the new ownership arrangement the company will continue to flourish and grow as it has for the past seven years."

"CrossHouse personifies every positive trend emerging in the book-publishing world's crystal ball: self-publishing, in which authors have more control over their final product, a cafeteria approach to services loaded with special perks for authors, flexibility in structure, agility in performance, and already set up for and fully embracing the current trends in the industry. Besides all I have described, CrossHouse offers personalized, individualized service unlike what you would find in some of the larger, phone-bank, self-publishing operations out there today," Moore said.

Dr. Welch said CrossHouse will continue to place a "premium on individualized service and quality products". 

"To assure our authors of the quality of our service, we are a member of the Dallas Better Business Bureau," she said.

"We want our authors to have a positive first experience with the book-publishing industry. In fact, many of our authors return to do their second, third, or even eighth books with us."

"CrossHouse works with lay people, pastors, missionaries, women's ministry people, mom, dads, and anyone who wants to share their story," said Dr. Welch. She said the company's selection of authors has less to do with denominational labels and more to do with having an authentic, inspiring life message to share.

The company publishes trade books, fiction, non-fiction, devotionals, Bible-study materials, children's books, poetry books, and e-books.

For more information on CrossHouse Publishing, contact Dr. Welch at CrossHouse Publishing, 2844 S. FM 549, Rockwall, TX 75032, or by email at katie@crosshousepublishing.org, or by calling 1-877-212-0933.