More than 60 Ebooks Now Available

Hannibal Books is moving ahead rapidly to convert all of its printed books into the new electronic book formats. The following books are now available online through Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Apple's iBooks, and other ebook outlets. Plans call for having all Hannibal Books that are able to be converted to the ebook formats available to the public by mid-2013.

  • Adopting Darrell by Carol V. Weishampel 
  • Alcohol Today by Peter Lumpkins
  • Ambassadors on Mission by Dan Crawford
  • An Uncommon Faith by Mark Moses
  • Awaken the Dawn by Doris Wolfe
  • Be a 24/7 Christian by Wade Akins
  • Beyond Surrender by Barbara Singerman   
  • Country Music Comin' Home by James C. Hefley
  • Created to be Spiritual by Joe Tarry
  • Families of the Bible by Howard Hovde and Louis Moore
  • Finding a Job God's Way by David Rawles
  • Gathering the Missing Pieces in an Adopted Life by Kay Moore
  • Gleanings from God's Word by Gene and Jean Phillips
  • God's Formula for Genuine Happiness by Dan R. Crawford 
  • Grandma's on the Go by Carol Weishampel    
  • Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip by Carol Weishampel    
  • Hearing Christ's Voice by Kelly Malone
  • How to be Spiritual Without Being Weird by Christy Brawner
  • In Care of the Conductor by Jim Rogers
  • In His Steps Today by Marti Hefley
  • It's a Jungle Out There by Ron Snell
  • Incredibly Gifted by Darrell W. Robinson
  • Jesus Restores True Spirituality by Joe Tarry
  • Jungle Calls by Ron Snell
  • Left Alive to Die by Susan Keen
  • Lessons from a Broken Chopstick by Mary Anne Phemister
  • Life is a Jungle by Ron Snell
  • Life Verses ALIVE by Ed Jackson
  • Make-Believers by Steve T. Hunter
  • Mama It Ain't Over 'Til the Pink Marble Comes by Sandee Williams with Jeanne Todd
  • Misadventures in Travel by Paula Edwards
  • Mud Hen in a Peacock Parade: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven by Dan Crawford
  • No Other Time Like This One by Ed Jackson 
  • Now My Eye Sees You by Greg Ammons
  • On the 8th Day ... God Laughed by Gene Perret
  • Rebekah Ann Naylor, M.D., Missionary Surgeon in Changing Times by Camille Hornbeck
  • Rescue: Abducted and Threatened with Death, This Woman and Her Husband Draw on God's Lessons by Jean Phillips
  • Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower by Joe B. Hewitt
  • Servant on the Edge of History by Sam James
  • Sex 101 by John Gries
  • Sharing Your Faith with Muslims by Wade Akins
  • The Daughter of No One by Viola Palmer
  • The Last Week of Seven Years and the Apostle John's Surprise by Joe Tarry
  • The Man in the Green Jeep by Viola Palmer
  • The Marvel of It All by Joe and Leona Tarry
  • The Most Excellent Way by Jerry Corbaley 
  • The Wit and Wisdom of Pastor Joe Brumbelow by David Brumbelow
  • Unmoveable Witness by Marion Corley
  • Way Back in the "Korn" Fields by James Hefley
  • Way Back in the Country Garden by Kay Moore
  • Way Back in the Country: Recipes from six generations of East Texas farm cooking and the stories behind them by Kay Moore
  • Way Back in the Hills 2: 'Fessor Goes to College by James Hefley
  • Way Back in the Ozarks (Book 2): The Tale of Danny Boy by Howard Hefley
  • Way Back in the Ozarks: A Story of a Boy, a Dog, and his 'Coon by Howard Hefley
  • Way Back When by James Hefley
  • What If Everyone Lived Next Door to Jesus by Gary Stone
  • When the Heart Soars Free by Kay Moore
  • When You Both Go to Work by Louis and Kay Moore
  • White Butterfly: While parents minister, a beloved daughter disappears off the face of the earth by Vanda Terrell
  • Witness to the Truth: Lessons learned by a veteran journalist through four decades of watching the church by Louis Moore


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Bloggers Review "How to Share Christ with Your Friends of Another Faith"

Dr. Jeff Brawner's book made blog headlines on October 23 as part of a blog tour. Each blogger posted about the book, and some included their personal reviews of the literary work. Visit the blogs below to see what others are saying about this publication. Our own post about Dr. Brawner's book can be found here, and you can purchase the book here.


Longtime Missionary/Pastor/Professor Offers Practical Guide to Sharing Christ with People of Other Religious Backgrounds

Talking about religious beliefs can be intimidating. It’s even considered to be one of the topics you never broach with friends and family if you want to keep the peace—right along with politics. Yet Dr. Jeff Brawner says sharing Christ with those of other beliefs doesn’t have to be scary or confrontational. In fact conversations about faith should be done in love.
To help alleviate Christians’ fears about talking with friends who have a different belief system, Brawner has written a new book, How to Share Christ with Your Friends of a Different Faith. Not another theological publication that is read and then sits on the shelf, Brawner’s book is a practical guide designed to move believers from talking about sharing their faith to actually initiating spiritual conversations that respectfully express their relationship with Christ.

In his book Brawner begins by explaining why Christians should share their faith and then offers tips for expanding one’s circle of friends to include those of other faiths. The next eight chapters discuss different religious beliefs—Roman Catholic, Protestant, Animistic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Mormon, and Atheist/Humanist/Agnostic—and include a brief background on and overview of the religion, a detailed example of a plan for talking with others about Christ, and questions people might ask about Christianity. Brawner has written each chapter as a self-sustaining guide so that the reader can quickly open to the chapter that corresponds to the religion in question and find all of the information needed.

Brawner’s easy-to-use guide breaks down each religion and offers specific step-by-step plans for how to share one’s faith. His format not only relates to the religions mentioned in the book but easily can be applied to any other belief system.

In the book’s foreword, Dr. Robin Hadaway, interim president and professor of missions at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO, writes, “Profound, penetrating, and practical are words that spring to mind when describing this extremely original book on evangelizing all peoples. Jeff Brawner combines a scholar’s grasp of theology with a missionary’s heart for the lost to produce one of the finest works in years on evangelism.”

Dr. Jeff Brawner is chairman of the Department of Missions at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Cordova, TN. In his ministry he has experience as an overseas missionary, pastor, and youth minister. He and his wife, Christy, have two daughters—Anna and Elizabeth.


Blogger Calls "Adopting Darrell" a "Must-Read"

In a recent post at The Old Crow's Empty Nest, blogger Narita offers her honest opinion of one of Hannibal's books, "Adopting Darrell." Narita says the story is "heartbreaking", and "amazing testimony", and a "must-read." We appreciate her time in reviewing the book. Read her review at her blog, The Old Crow's Empty Nest.

"Adopting Darell"  is the story of Carol Weishampel who joyfully opens her heart and home to angelic-looking Darrell—a "shaken", abused baby, whose horrific injuries leave him blind and retarded.
But adopting Darrell quickly becomes an hourly, uphill struggle, even for this seasoned mom and professional educator, who holds a doctor of education degree. This single parent and her other, subsequent adopted children literally are held hostage by Darrell's violent temper tantrums and untrainable behavior.
The book sheds light on questions such as: 
  • Who adopts special-needs or severely disabled children? 
  • Why and how do they take on this challenge?
  • What difference can Weishampel possibly make in the life of this uncommunicative boy? 
  • What purpose do those such as Darrell have on earth?

Weishampel's poignant search for answers to these and other profound questions leaves a helpful legacy of hope for anyone who has ever had responsibility for such a child.


Great Deal: 50% Off One of Our Most Popular Books

Jungle Calls by Ron Snell is Book 3 of The Rani Adventures, also known as The Jungle Series. Now, for a limited time only, we are offering this great summer read for 50% off the smaller, first edition.

This first edition is 4 1/4 inches by 7 inches. (The second edition was 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches.) 

Extremely popular with the Christian homeschool audience as well as people of all ages, The Rani Adventures depict what life was like for a young missionary kid growing up in the rainforests of Peru.

Snell writes: "It was 7:30 at night. Standing in inky black jungle, we were hundreds of miles from the nearest lightbulb. The call of insects and frogs shrilled in our ears. Somewhere nearby, we knew, were Indians who killed anyone who ventured into their territory. What we didn't know was whether they were coming to kill us. Even so, after almost a year in the concrete jungles of Chicago at the Moody Bible Institute, there was no place else I'd rather be. I was 17."

This third book in the Rani Adventure Series is filled with more true stories of high-pitched tension and hilarious adventure. The Matses Indian contact. The attempt to raft through the Boqueron. The night an idiot Chihuahua became a hero. And through it all, a thought-provoking look at the jungle, at the Machiguenga Indians, at the process of translating Scripture into another language.

To take advantage of this deal, use coupon code JungleDeal at checkout at HannibalBooks.com.


Christian Retail at "Fork on the Road"

Changes continue to sweep through the book-publishing industry. In droves more consumers are buying directly from publishers such as Hannibal Books on its websites and turning to e-books. Consequently the brick-and-mortar bookstores, including Christian bookstores, either are closing or are having to change their entire operations dramatically.

Recently Christian Booksellers Association reported that because of these changes as well as because of the weak and turbulent economy, its former chairperson is closing his family-operated Christian bookstore in Kentucky.

The phenomenon is worldwide. In another CBA story Chris Johnsen, founder of Christian Art Distributors based in South Africa, noted, "Christian retail has come to a fork on the road. The day and age of the traditional retailer is over."

With free shipping for all retail purchases, we at Hannibal are making it easier and cheaper than ever to obtain our books.


New Book Offers Septuagenarian’s Insight into Prophesies Found in Biblical Books of Daniel, Revelation

We posted about this new book a few weeks ago. Here's a bit more detail about all that's in store for readers:

After decades of intense study and the release of nearly 20 books, 77-year-old Joe E. Tarry tackles the enigmatic prophecies found in Daniel and Revelation. Tarry’s new book, The Last Week of Seven Yearsand the Apostle John’s Surprise, presents a fresh look and a reasonable interpretation of what some would consider the most difficult-to-understand chapters in the Bible.

In his book Tarry works passage by passage through chapters 7-12 in Daniel and the entire book of Revelation. He uses a down-to-earth rhetoric to help Christians understand these verses and therefore to be better prepared for Christ’s return.

When examining Daniel 7-12, Tarry explains what he believes to be God’s number system, which sheds light on the timeline of events in those chapters. He also includes a brief history lesson and discusses why understanding those events is important for Christians today.

In his look at Revelation, Tarry breaks the biblical book into three main sections: the “what you have seen” era, the “things which are” era, and the “things which shall take place” era. This unique view of the book allows readers to make sense of the symbolic and literal prophecies that span the timeline of human history. Within Tarry’s book also are discussions of controversial topics such as the rapture, the battle of Har-Magedon, and end-times theology (postmillennialism, amillennialism, dispensational premillennialism, and historical premillennialism).

In the book’s foreword, Dr. James T. Draper Jr., president emeritus of LifeWay Christian Resources, writes that readers will find “a remarkably detailed study of the Book of Revelation and the related Old Testament passages, particularly from the Book of Daniel. In these pages you will find your presuppositions and assumptions challenged.”

“Don’t expect this book to be a quick read. I recommend you read it carefully and prayerfully. I believe when you’re through, you’ll be much better prepared for the return of Christ, which is exactly what He has commanded us to do,” writes John Loudat, leader of the Information Services Team and editor of the Baptist New Mexican at the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

Joe E. Tarry was born near Lovington, NM, in 1935. He graduated with a double major and received a bachelor of arts in religion and history from Eastern New Mexico University and a master of divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Leona, served for more than 35 years as missionaries to the cities of Governador Valadares and Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, in Brazil before retiring in Ruidoso, NM. Tarry has written 14 books in Portuguese and five in English.

Paperback ($19.95) copies of the book are available through Hannibal Books: 800-747-0738 and www.hannibalbooks.com. Copies may also be purchased directly from the author by emailing jltarry@windstream.net. ISBN: 978-1-61315-030-6.

Attention Editors/Journalists/Bloggers: A photo or interview with the author and/or a review copy of the book is available by contacting Public Relations Specialist Jennifer Nelson at 800-747-0738 ext. 709 or jennifer@hannibalbooks.com. Visit www.hannibalbooks.com to learn more about all the books we publish.


Seasoned Author Reveals His Thoughts on Prophecy and Symbolism in the Books of Daniel and Revelation

Many writers have tackled the prophetic riddle in Daniel 9 and the symbolic language in Daniel and Revelation. Yet retired missionary and pastor Joe E. Tarry takes a unique approach in his new book, The Last Week of Seven Years and the Apostle John's Surprise. His placement within history of the "last week of years"--discussed in Daniel 9--and his division of Revelation into three parts reveal new insight into these passages. It's a must-read for every Christian.


"12 + Me" Receives "Very Entertaining" Review

In a review by Narita, blogger at The Old Crow's Empty Nest, "12 + Me" by Pat Likes received high marks. We provided a complimentary copy to Narita for her honest review, and we were pleased to see that she thought the book was "very entertaining" and that she "would be proud to give [it] as a gift to a young reader." We appreciate her honest comments. To read the entire review, click here.

"12 + Me" is written by Pat Likes, alias "Pike County Patsie", the youngest of the 13 Dunker children. In the book, she relives her growing-up years in a farm home just across the shining Mississippi from Mark Twain's Hannibal, MO.
You'll laugh and cry over the adventures and escapades of Pat's close-knit, fun-loving family. The book includes stories of Mom Dunker's "gentleman cow", Dad's Christmas gelatin, a mysterious corpse, a marauding tomcat called Slick Blue, sparrows in a brother's wedding bed, and much, much more.

From wild horseback rides to Model A Fords, homemade bread to "mouse pies", here are memories of the pleasures and hardships of country living you'll never forget.

Through tough times and good ones, life and love fill the Dunker home. Patsie's memories (and recipes) bring readers into the warm circle of her family's life in the 1930s and 1940s and underscore the values of hearth and home.


We Are Racing as Fast as Possible to Convert All of Its Books into Ebooks

The task is not quite as simple as it sounds, because books produced even five years ago in older publishing software have to transition through some extra (and complicated) steps to move from one medium to the other.

Still, we are finding the effort worth the time and money involved. Sometime this year we will sell more ebooks than we sell paperback books in a month. Had someone predicted that fact just six months ago, we would have thought that person delirious or something worse.

The speed at which the reading public is changing its reading style is not the only thing that's eye-popping. What's selling is equally amazing. Kay W. Moore's Christian fiction When the Heart Soars Free (published in 2000) in a matter of days went from being almost ready to retire to becoming our fastest-selling ebook. It has outdistanced all our other ebooks combined by a factor of two. It was and is a captivating Christian romance novel with a solid biblical message. Clearly God was not through using that novel, which is set in a Colorado ski lodge.

At the same time some books that have done incredibly well in print--and that we expected to do equally as well in ebook format--are still catching on as ebooks but at a slower pace. Go figure!

Clearly like all other publishers we have a lot to learn about this "brave new world" into which book publishing is rapidly entering today. We'll keep you posted as this transition continues to unfurl. Meanwhile, if you want to read our best-selling ebook, here's the link to our website which then will take you to the Kindle store for purchase. When the Heart Soars Free also is available in Barnes & Noble's Nook format and soon will be available in Apple's format also.


Father's Day Discount

We're celebrating Father's Day with a special discount: 30% off and free shipping on Now My Eye Sees You by Greg Ammons, the story of one father's experience that gave him a fresh perspective on God's love. Simply use coupon code FDAY30 (expires June 17, 2012)

Three degrees in theology, years in the pastorate, daily immersion in the Scriptures: they all taught Greg Ammons head knowledge of God. But not until he and his wife, Lisa, became late-in-life, first-time parents with the birth of their son, Camden, did Greg truly "see"—experience the matchless understanding of—the God he had worshiped and served for decades.

After years of barrenness ended with his son's miracle birth, Greg suddenly began to experience love from the role of a father personally. His book draws comparisons between his relationship with his son and that of his God in such areas as obedience and disobedience, spending time together, parental pain, teaching a child to walk, the sinful nature, and a father's unconditional love.

Readers will emerge with a fresh understanding of God's boundless love for them and how His heart delights in intimate fellowship with his sons and daughters.

During his 27 years in vocational ministry Greg Ammons has preached, served as a senior pastor, taught theology at the graduate level, and advised as a church-growth consultant. Currently he is senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Garland, TX.


Now You Can Read Our Books on E-Readers

Over the last few months, we have begun converting our books into e-book versions compatible with the Nook and Kindle (which both have Apps for iPad usage). We are working diligently to release the rest of our books as digital versions.

Here are the books we currently have available as e-books:

Be a 24/7 Christian by Wade Akins (Nook) (Kindle)
Mud Hen in a Peacock Parade by Dr. Dan R. Crawford (Nook) (Kindle)
Ambassadors on Mission by Dr. Dan R. Crawford (Nook) (Kindle)
An Uncommon Faith by Mark Moses (Nook) (Kindle)
Sex 101 by John & Cathy Gries (Nook) (Kindle)
Finding a Job God's Way by David Rawles (Nook) (Kindle)
Now My Eye Sees You by Greg Ammons (Nook) (Kindle)
Life Verses Alive by Ed Jackson (Nook) (Kindle)


Christian Romance E-Book Perfect for Last-Minute Valentine's Gift

With only five days until Valentine's Day, finding that perfect gift for your sweetheart should be at the top of the to-do list. If your significant other enjoys reading, a great gift option is our newest e-book release available for the Nook and Kindle: When the Heart Soars Free. Pair it with a few chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bouquet of flowers, and you can't go wrong. Best of all, you don't have to pay for shipping, even if you choose to buy the paperback version.

When the Heart Soars Free is a the storybook romance of two ski experts who meet in a picturesque mountain wonderland. The two have everything going for them as their romance blossoms. But hidden past pain casts a disturbing shadow over their magical idyll. A shattering betrayal leaves their once-bright, shared future in ruins. You'll experience a tender search for restoration and healing in this heart-touching contemporary romance--a passionate story of conflict, loss, and faith. 

Although the book is fiction, it contains the struggles, fears, failure, and victories of countless real people. It's the kind of inspirational and unforgettable story that mothers can pass on to their daughters, pastors to their parishioners, counselors to their clients, and one friend to another to help them learn healthier ways to live. Its powerful imagery and suspenseful plot, with characters so authentically drawn that you expect them to walk into the room at any minute, sweep readers along from chapter to delightful chapter, leaving them profoundly sorry when the story ends. 


Send Your Valentine a Meaningful Present for Less Than $5

Valentine's Day is almost here; have you found a gift for your loved one? For less than $5, you can send your Valentine a meaningful present: Awaken the Dawn by Doris B. Wolfe, a Christian love story that takes place in the remote areas of South America. Just enter code Love14 on Hannibal Books at checkout to receive a 70% discount for a total price (including shipping) of $3.95. And we can ship directly to your loved one for direct delivery.

Can two hearts, torn by separate losses, learn to love again?

In Awaken the Dawn, the author shares a story of  two hearts, torn by separate losses, and how they learn to love again.

Lisa Andersen gave in to God's call to teach at a remote, jungle school in South America for one year. Wasn't that good enough? Why was God asking more of her than her heart could give?

Pilot Mike Osborne was still healing from his wife's tragic death. It wasn't easy to juggle his flying job with rearing two kids. He was managing, even if he did have to rely on other missionaries a lot. But did that give them a right to play matchmaker?

Were Lisa and Mike ready to deal with their hidden fears?

In her endorsement of Awaken the Dawn (by Doris B. Wolfe), Kristin Elkinton, editor of Beyond, a publication of Wycliffe/JAARS, Inc., says "If you've ever wondered what it might be like to go to the mission field, this book will tell you. Many pilots, teachers, and other support workers who served in South America would, I'm sure, attest to its accuracy. A realistic story, filled with action, adventure and yes, romance."

Aretta Loving, author of Slices of Life, Stories and Devotions from a Bible Translator (YWAM Publications) said, "Excellent. I couldn't put it down."


Every Life Is Precious

Each year one Sunday in January is designated as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (SOHLS). On and around this day, many churches and other organizations sponsor activities and events to focus on the intrinsic value of human life and the fundamental right to life.  The day is scheduled in connection with the January 22 anniversary of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions, which were handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. (Read more about SOHLS here and the preciousness of life here. Watch a video about the sanctity of life here.)

In honor of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, here are three books that honor life.

Proclaiming the Pro-Life Message by Larry L. Lewis, editor

January 22, 1973, truly was a day of infamy for the United States of America. On that day the U.S. Supreme Court, in the Roe v. Wade decision, opened the floodgates of the evils of abortion throughout the country. Since then, millions of innocent babies have died at the hands of abortionists.

Evangelical Christian leaders at first were slow to respond to this tragedy. But when they did, the Evangelical community became the most potent force in the fight against abortion and other anti-life positions being advocated by the abortionists.

Proclaiming the Pro-Life Message draws together the very best of what has been written and preached by these Evangelical leaders during the past 26 years. The editor, Larry Lewis, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Home Mission Board, led the charge against abortion in the SBC.

The list of authors reads like a Who's Who Among Evangelicals in the Pro-Life Movement: Chuck Colson, W.A. Criswell, Jimmy Draper, Carol Everett, Gerald Harris, O.S. Hawkins, Jim Henry, Ron Herrod, Junior Hill, Anthony Jordan, D. James Kennedy, Beverly LaHaye, Adrian Rogers, George Sweeting, Kristen White, and Sylvia Boothe. Each articulates his or her perspective on what being pro-life today means and what Evangelical Christians must do to eradicate this evil from our land. All royalties for the sale of this book go to Alternatives to Abortion at the SBC's North American Mission Board.

(Now available as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, and iPad)
Even surrounded by the love and security of the only family she had ever known, Kay Moore wondered constantly about her unknown past. Her search for information and connection led Kay to other adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth families. She discovered that her feelings were the shared legacy of people everywhere who want the whole truth about who they are. Their stories, told here, yield a wealth of inspiration and practical direction, which Kay presents with a sensitivity possible only from one who has "been through it" herself.

In the book, the author knows what questions you'll need to answer for a successful search and includes a listing of resources you can use along the way. You'll see just how to pull together the missing pieces in your own past and fully discover your God-given heritage.

Reporter Kay Moore’s three-part newspaper series on finding her birthfamily was a widely read installment in the Houston Chronicle and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Kay has spoken widely on the subject of adoption. She is a graduate of Baylor University. She and her husband, Louis, are parents of two children.

 Adopting Darrell by Carol V. Weishampel

Carol Weishampel joyfully opens her heart and home to angelic-looking Darrell—a "shaken", abused baby, whose horrific injuries leave him blind and retarded.

But adopting Darrell quickly becomes an hourly, uphill struggle, even for this seasoned mom and professional educator, who holds a doctor of education degree. This single parent and her other, subsequent adopted children literally are held hostage by Darrell's violent temper tantrums and untrainable behavior.

What difference can Weishampel possibly make in the life of this uncommunicative boy? What purpose do those such as Darrell have on earth? Weishampel's poignant search for answers to these and other profound questions leaves a helpful legacy of hope for anyone who has ever had responsibility for such a child.