We Are Racing as Fast as Possible to Convert All of Its Books into Ebooks

The task is not quite as simple as it sounds, because books produced even five years ago in older publishing software have to transition through some extra (and complicated) steps to move from one medium to the other.

Still, we are finding the effort worth the time and money involved. Sometime this year we will sell more ebooks than we sell paperback books in a month. Had someone predicted that fact just six months ago, we would have thought that person delirious or something worse.

The speed at which the reading public is changing its reading style is not the only thing that's eye-popping. What's selling is equally amazing. Kay W. Moore's Christian fiction When the Heart Soars Free (published in 2000) in a matter of days went from being almost ready to retire to becoming our fastest-selling ebook. It has outdistanced all our other ebooks combined by a factor of two. It was and is a captivating Christian romance novel with a solid biblical message. Clearly God was not through using that novel, which is set in a Colorado ski lodge.

At the same time some books that have done incredibly well in print--and that we expected to do equally as well in ebook format--are still catching on as ebooks but at a slower pace. Go figure!

Clearly like all other publishers we have a lot to learn about this "brave new world" into which book publishing is rapidly entering today. We'll keep you posted as this transition continues to unfurl. Meanwhile, if you want to read our best-selling ebook, here's the link to our website which then will take you to the Kindle store for purchase. When the Heart Soars Free also is available in Barnes & Noble's Nook format and soon will be available in Apple's format also.

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