Late-in-Life Couple Left Comforts of Home for
    Adventures in Brazil

Most people in their 50s wouldn’t even think of moving to a remote area of a foreign country with only minimal language skills. Retirement, relaxation, and enjoying grandchildren would be on most people’s minds.

However, Van and Paula Edwards lef
t the comforts of their home, their church, and their culture and set out on a missionary adventure in Brazil, as described in the new book, Misadventures in Travel: A Misadventures in Travel.

The book, by Paula Edwards, is a collection of stories from her and her husband’s three years in Braz
il, during which they studied the language, traveled the coastline in search of villages that needed a Baptist church, and helped plant churches in Minas Gerais.

Misadventures in Travel
describes an in
triguing journey as the Edwardses attempt to be God’s ambassadors in a foreign country with only a rudimentary understanding of the language and a lone map book as their guide. Naturally, the experience is one of adventure, misadventure, and a few laughs along the way. From numerous bureaucratic snafus to hair-raising traffic to countless scary vehicle breakdowns, Paula and Van press on to fulfill what God had called them to do.

Their escapades weren’t always challenging. They encountered numerous gracious Brazilians whose hospitality knew no bounds. Often, Van and Paula stumbled upon surprisingly pleasant pousadas (lodging) and came across fellow believers whose unbridled joy in the Lord motivated this American couple to push on so all Brazilians in these remote areas might know Jesus.

Paula’s warm humor and unrelenting optimism will amuse readers, while her candid honesty will give a glimpse into real missionary life.

Paula Edwards, a native of the piney hills of north Louisiana, received her bachelor's and master's degrees in music from Louisiana Tech University. Besides having served God on the mission field, Paula also has been a schoolteacher and enjoys riding and training horses. She and her husband, Van, are parents of two grown daughters. The Edwardses live in North Louisiana, in which Van serves as pastor.


    Proud of Me?

When Brad Russell and his wife, Robin, welcomed their first child, Tyler, into the world, they had no idea of what lay ahead for them as well as for their son.

Robin first spotted the telltale signs of the problem. Then the first doctor the Russells consulted offered a frightening diagnosis: cerebral palsy with a high probability that Tyler would never walk nor speak. Thus began a life course that neither Brad nor Robin ever expected nor had prepared themselves to face. Realizing their helplessness and hopelessness the Russells turned to the only source of strength they knew: God.

Brad and Robin decided early on that they would love Tyler as much as any parent could and would rear him the best way they knew how. Tyler's story, told through the loving eyes of his father, succinctly addresses the problems families of special-needs children face. In a surprising twist, Brad Russell tells all the ways Tyler exemplifies a true Christian spirit and characteristics and is an inspiration to him as well as to other family members.

In Proud of Me? you will cry with the Russells, laugh with them, and glimpse into a world different yet so very special.


    Hannibal Author Featured in Hometown Paper

After an interview with Kim Everett, editor at
The Garland Texan, Kay Moore was featured in her hometown newspaper yesterday. The article discusses her two most recent books, Way Back in the Country and Way Back in the Country Garden, and her reasons for writing down these family stories and recipes.

Read the article here on The Garland Texan's website.


    Author Kay Moore Details Her Real Motive for Holding This     Past Weekend's Book Signing in Cooper, TX

You can read all of Kay Moore's blog post at The Newfangled Country Gar

Here's a glimpse into the post:

OK, I'll admit it. I had an ulterior motive.

Naturally, I scheduled my book-signing this past weekend in Delta County because I needed to launch my book there--the setting for Way Back in the Country Garden--the place in which the main characters, The Three Little Red-Haired Miller Girls, grew up.

Eight years ago, when I launched my first book, Way Back in the Country, the prequel to the new one, we had a fantastic party on the Cooper square at a gift shop there. It was a fitting way to kick off my new book in the locale in which the book's events happened. Of course we'd want to do it all over again in 2010 with the birth of the new title.

Debbie Grider and the folks at The Prairie Rose Flowers & Gifts, Cooper's dynamite new shop right in front of the Delta County Courthouse, were thrilled to be hosts for the 2010 launch. On Saturday they extended wonderful hospitality and gave us a great place to serve cookies made from recipes out of the new book (and Sparkling Holiday Punch from Way Back in the Country).
But truthfully, my sub-reason for heading to Cooper this pa st weekend went well beyond that of any book promotion...

To find out her real reason for going to Cooper, read her blog at The Newfangled Country Gardener. In the meantime, check out these photos from her book signing, which include both family and friends who came out to support her.


    Kay Moore's Interview on Arizona Midday

If you were in Arizona on June 25, you might have caught a glimpse of Hannibal author Kay Moore on Arizona Midday. If you missed it, you can watch her segment here. During the interview, Kay discusses why gardening is so popular, mentions her new book Way Back in the Country Garden, and prepares the Tangy Orange and Pecan Salad recipe from her book.

*Video copyright of Arizona Midday


    Author Kay Wheeler Moore to Visit Garland, TX Tomorrow

Don't miss author Kay Wheeler Moore and her delicious cookies tomorrow, July 3, at the Generator Coffee shop in Garland, TX, from 10am-1pm. The shop is located at 107 N. 6th Street, Garland, TX 75040. Call 972-494-9449 for details.