Proud of Me?

When Brad Russell and his wife, Robin, welcomed their first child, Tyler, into the world, they had no idea of what lay ahead for them as well as for their son.

Robin first spotted the telltale signs of the problem. Then the first doctor the Russells consulted offered a frightening diagnosis: cerebral palsy with a high probability that Tyler would never walk nor speak. Thus began a life course that neither Brad nor Robin ever expected nor had prepared themselves to face. Realizing their helplessness and hopelessness the Russells turned to the only source of strength they knew: God.

Brad and Robin decided early on that they would love Tyler as much as any parent could and would rear him the best way they knew how. Tyler's story, told through the loving eyes of his father, succinctly addresses the problems families of special-needs children face. In a surprising twist, Brad Russell tells all the ways Tyler exemplifies a true Christian spirit and characteristics and is an inspiration to him as well as to other family members.

In Proud of Me? you will cry with the Russells, laugh with them, and glimpse into a world different yet so very special.

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