Now You Can Read Our Books on E-Readers

Over the last few months, we have begun converting our books into e-book versions compatible with the Nook and Kindle (which both have Apps for iPad usage). We are working diligently to release the rest of our books as digital versions.

Here are the books we currently have available as e-books:

Be a 24/7 Christian by Wade Akins (Nook) (Kindle)
Mud Hen in a Peacock Parade by Dr. Dan R. Crawford (Nook) (Kindle)
Ambassadors on Mission by Dr. Dan R. Crawford (Nook) (Kindle)
An Uncommon Faith by Mark Moses (Nook) (Kindle)
Sex 101 by John & Cathy Gries (Nook) (Kindle)
Finding a Job God's Way by David Rawles (Nook) (Kindle)
Now My Eye Sees You by Greg Ammons (Nook) (Kindle)
Life Verses Alive by Ed Jackson (Nook) (Kindle)

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