Christian Romance E-Book Perfect for Last-Minute Valentine's Gift

With only five days until Valentine's Day, finding that perfect gift for your sweetheart should be at the top of the to-do list. If your significant other enjoys reading, a great gift option is our newest e-book release available for the Nook and Kindle: When the Heart Soars Free. Pair it with a few chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bouquet of flowers, and you can't go wrong. Best of all, you don't have to pay for shipping, even if you choose to buy the paperback version.

When the Heart Soars Free is a the storybook romance of two ski experts who meet in a picturesque mountain wonderland. The two have everything going for them as their romance blossoms. But hidden past pain casts a disturbing shadow over their magical idyll. A shattering betrayal leaves their once-bright, shared future in ruins. You'll experience a tender search for restoration and healing in this heart-touching contemporary romance--a passionate story of conflict, loss, and faith. 

Although the book is fiction, it contains the struggles, fears, failure, and victories of countless real people. It's the kind of inspirational and unforgettable story that mothers can pass on to their daughters, pastors to their parishioners, counselors to their clients, and one friend to another to help them learn healthier ways to live. Its powerful imagery and suspenseful plot, with characters so authentically drawn that you expect them to walk into the room at any minute, sweep readers along from chapter to delightful chapter, leaving them profoundly sorry when the story ends. 

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