Delve into the Life of an Unsung Texas Hero

Ernest T. "Bull" Adams was the first-ever Rhodes Scholar from Baylor University, but he spent most of his adult years on his knees sifting through the dirt as he unearthed clues about the earliest humans. He was a formidably brilliant lawyer and apt public official, yet he tenderheartedly devoted much of his professional career to representing the down-and-out.

Blessed with Herculean physical prowess that earned him his nickname, this gentle giant was most at home while he entranced youngsters from his hometown in Glen Rose, TX, with yarns about his rugged, enigmatic life. A highly contagious illness during young manhood relegated Bull to rambling throughout the Southwest, thus spending lonely years away from loved ones, yet none was more esteemed than this oft-unkempt, unconventional legend who left behind a vast legacy of knowledge through his passion for the ancients.

Dr. Jeffery J. Pruitt, whose family along with the rampaging "Bull" shared Central Texas roots near the Paluxy River, artfully unravels, in This Man Called Bull, the life of this complex creature, whose genius continues to influence others even today. Dr. Pruitt authentically describes this "Bullish" hero who never knew the word quit and who dared to be a different spirit.

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