Beauty Sells, but What's Beautiful?

From today's vantage point beauty is defined by personal tastes and popular opinions. But in God's eyes, what is true beauty? If the Bible could define what beauty is, what would the outcome be?

In The Purple Curtain, pastor Brian Chan examines beauty from a biblical perspective and how it affects our relationship with God. Chan contends that understanding true beauty can change broken people as they discover more of God's loveliness and--in turn--grow to love Him more. He explores cultural ideas about beauty from historical and contemporary philosophers, artists, writers, films, art and stories.

Readers will learn how they can recognize authentic beauty daily and will be challenged to make beauty out of brokenness as they grow in God's love and as witnesses of Christ.

Brian S. Chan was born in San Francisco as a Chinese American and is married to Ellen. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, with B.A.'s in psychology and sociology and from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Th.M. in historical theology and a M.A. in Christian Education. He completed his thesis study on the subject of the beauty of God. He has exhibited his artwork in the San Francisco Bay area, Chicago and Dallas. He is the founding and lead pastor of One Thing Church in Hollywood, CA, and a faculty member at Biola University. A passionate love for God drives him to pastor, write, create and live.

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