New CrossHouse Books Website Indicative of
    Self-Publishing Industry's Success

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Nearly a year-and-a-half ago I wrote in this column about some of the amazing changes sweeping the book-publishing industry--in particular the dramatic move from traditional to self-publishing models. Much of the push toward this new model was linked to a desire on the part of authors to avoid the traditional "sieve" for manuscripts which limited the number of new books published each year, the interest of authors in controlling the end results of their books, decreasing costs, increased distribution opportunities and a book-price war between major retailers.

Since I last addressed the topic, the self-publishing industry has continued to thrive, especially with the expansion of the e-book market and continued dramatic increase toward online book sales.

Both the New York Times and Time magazine as well as most major newspapers and other media have run articles noting the historic shift and calling the triumph of self-publishing over the traditional model a revolution of monumental proportions.

Now, nearly eight years since we started our own self-publishing imprint, CrossHouse Publishing, we are proud to announce a new website dedicated solely to our self-published books: CrossHouse Books. The site resembles the original Hannibal Books' site--which will continue to offer the books published traditionally--so navigation will be familiar for those who have visited our site in the past.

The benefits to this site include better designation between our two imprints for the media and distributors, better tracking of book sales for ourselves and our authors and a stronger branding for our CrossHouse imprint. And, as always, every order benefits our customers because of free shipping and fair pricing.

Continue to keep a close eye on the publishing industry. Great things are happening; lots of changes continue to make their way into the arena.

--Louis Moore, President
KLMK Communications Inc.  
(parent company, Hannibal Books and CrossHouse Publishing)

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