New Book Launches Spanish-Language Division of CrossHouse Publishing

Diez Elecciones de Vida, the Spanish translation of Bob Perdue's Ten Life Choices (CrossHouse Publishing, 2010) is the inaugural release of Casa de la Cruz, the Spanish imprint of CrossHouse Publishing and Hannibal Books.

CrossHouse, the self-publishing division of KLMK Communications, has added numerous English-language books to its collection since its inception in 2003. Dr. Katie Welch, publisher of CrossHouse, saw this Spanish-language division as a natural fit with the company's goals. Many authors who have worked either with CrossHouse or Hannibal Books, KLMK's traditional publishing division, have served as missionaries in Spanish-speaking countries and desire to have their books published in Spanish. And, as the population of Spanish-speaking people within the U.S. increases, authors will have an incredible opportunity to reach that audience with their message.

Dr. Welch, whose doctoral work in linguistics focused specifically on the Spanish language, has a passion for and is excited to see the Christian evangelical message translated into Spanish. She hopes to have many more Spanish-language books join the ranks in the future. As Casa de la Cruz continues to grow, KLMK Communications, Inc. will be adding additional staff members capable of proofreading and editing in Spanish.

Diez Elecciones de Vida is about overcoming our pasts (sin, wounds, abuse, rejection, etc.) and dealing with our present (depression, addictions, codependent relationships, shame, guilt, etc.) to live life to the fullest--to experience fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness and meaningful relationships. In John 10:10 Jesus says that He came to give us life--life to the fullest! He makes life a possibility for everyone, because He paid for all of our past and present problems. We have been given the power to choose life and to experience it every day . . . the life we were created to live! Diez Elecciones de Vida by Bob Perdue highlights 10 specific and practical choices that lead us to the life we were always meant to live.

For additional information about Casa de la Cruz, contact Dr. Welch at katie@crosshousepublishing.org.

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