2009 Mark Twain School a Success

The 2009 Mark Twain School has officially come and gone! Whew - what a whirlwind weekend! We at Hannibal Books hope the participants learned a lot and enjoyed getting to know our staff! We most certainly enjoyed speaking with the current authors and the potential authors. Many great ideas were shared!

In upcoming blogs, we'd like to share some of the information that we discussed at the Mark Twain School. For now, listed below are a few topics that were covered.

* History of Hannibal Books and CrossHouse Publishing and our niche in the market
*Overview of Christian publishing
*Learning the publishing lingo
*10 things to know when you get published
*The process of choosing a topic and beginning to work with a publisher
*Getting the word out - publicity
*Graphics that sizzle
*How to write right
*The business of writing

Watch this blog and www.HannibalBooks.com for information about next year's conference, usually held in February. Below are a few photos from this conference.

: One of Hannibal Books' displays.
Right: Kay Moore discusses writing right with the 2009 Mark Twain participants.

: Participants mingle during a break on Saturday. The CrossHouse (the self-publishing arm of Hannibal) display is in the background.
Right: Most of the participants and the staff of Hannibal & CrossHouse.

: All of the 2009 Mark Twain School participants, as well the staff of Hannibal & CrossHouse.
Right: Louis Moore reads from his book, Witness to the Truth, during the evening session.

and right: 2009 Mark Twain participants discuss some of the nuts and bolts of writing and publishing a book.

and right: Kay and Louis Moore talk about the publicity campaign for Witness to the Truth.

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