Do You Know God's Purpose for Your Life?

In a new book published by CrossHouse Publishing, Hannibal Book's sister imprint, the author addresses how to determine God's purpose for your life, as well as how to live out that purpose.

Discovering your purpose in life and then living for that purpose can be challenging. In a practical, conversational style, Kelsha T. Jones honestly shares her journey from feeling homeless in her life, to running from God's plan, to embracing and enjoying her newfound calling in Stop Running from the Calling of God.

Along with questions designed for personal reflection and a study of what God's Word says about the subject, Kelsha answers questions such as, How do I determine what God's will is for my life?, What will happen if I submit to God's will?, and Why do I still encounter difficult circumstances if I'm following God's plan? To help fellow believers pursue their purpose in life, Kelsha's story and biblical advice will guide Christians to stop running from God's plan and start living with a renewed direction and understanding that brings ultimate personal fulfillment.

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