Devotions to Help With the Daily Grind

Rebekah Trittipoe is one who knows what "going the distance" means. This committed Christian runs--and survives--ultra marathons, which find her on jaunts of up to 100-miles at a time. Amidst sometimes unthinkable conditions Rebekah--determined to meet her goal--grinds on.

As with her extreme running, Rebekah's dedication to God's Word is steadfast and focused. Just as she encourages fellow runners to keep their eyes open to the beauty around them during a trek through challenging terrain, Rebekah inspires other believers to look for God's revelation not so much in theological treatises but in the mundane things of life--watching a simple sunrise, pulling weeds, taking in orphaned kittens, or hauling rocks for a backyard path.

Her daily devotions (366 of them, to encompass leap year) include an inspirational story, a Scripture, and a daily challenge. She offers these with the mere purpose of helping each of us make our way through the daily grind--whether that be navigating the nettle-fraught mountainside or sitting at a desk slogging our way through a work day.

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