Little Brown-Haired Girl with big imagination
    subject of new children's book

When the Little Brown-Haired Girl and her neighborhood buddies decide to form a "Secret-Tree Club", they have no idea that they are about to uncover the biggest news on the block!

In this first book of the Little Brown-Haired Girl series, the Little Brown-Haired Girl uses her big imagination to transform a climbing tree into a mailbox. At first the children exchange random messages back-and-forth as they hide them in the branches of the "secret tree".

One day, though, the Little Brown-Haired Girl finds in the tree a special note--one that contains important news that will change the neighborhood. Will she be able to keep the secret found in the secret tree? Or will she break the trust of the Secret-Tree Club?

The Little Brown-Haired Girl and The Secret-Tree Club
is Kay Moore's first children's book and features stories of events that happened in her "growing-up" neighborhood, in which she is privileged to live even now. The full-color paperback is illustrated by Nathaniel Platts.

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