Grace Transforms Ex-Con, Former Prostitute into
     Mission Service Corps Volunteer

Iris Urrey was raised in a middle-class Christian home, but she was rebellious almost from the start. Running away at the age of thirteen, she became involved with drugs and prostitution, and at seventeen was arrested for armed robbery. Once released from prison, she continued down a path of self-destruction. From numerous abortions to using heroin, to managing a topless bar, Iris turned from God's calling again and again.

But God, who in eternity past had devised a plan for this "incorrigible" rebel, didn't give up on Iris. He had work for her to do, and would one day turn this "incorrigible" rebel into one of His beautiful trophies of grace.

This is more than a tale of grace and redemption, however. God has used Iris's experiences to reach countless people, from top military personnel at NATO to German prostitutes. Along the way, well-meaning fellow believers have had trouble accepting some of the unconventional approaches of this Southern Baptist North American Mission Board's longest-serving Mission Service Corps volunteer.

"Don't you get angry with me and try to prove you're a tough guy," she tells the ex-prisoner on the other end of the phone line--who later received Jesus as his Savior and becomes her husband. "If you can tell me that you're retarded, you can memorize a scripture verse," she says on another occasion to the escaped sanatorium inmate who insists she is too mentally disabled to learn, but finds new confidence when she is saved. Learn about Iris's remarkable walk with God as she continues to minister to people all over the world. But be ready: This book may compel you to take action yourself.

Ron Owens--born in Canada, son of missionary parents to Europe--has multifaceted ministries. These include teaching, preaching, and music ministry in North America and beyond. He has authored other books and articles and has composed, recorded, and had published many songs in collaboration with his wife, Patricia. The Owens have one son, Jeff, a daughter-in-law, Jessica, and two grandson, Ethan and Evan.

Oh, how I love this woman--her story, her faith, are such a testimony of God's thorough work of redemption. You'll want to read and pass on Iris: Trophy of Grace, then have her come and personally share her story. --Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries International

Iris Blue's life is the most inspiring story that could be told. Ron Owens has captured the drama of this miracle in compelling style.--Jimmy Draper, President Emeritus, LifeWay Christian Resources

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