For One Couple, Retirement Means Short-Term Mission Service

Helen Spaulding's nest was being stirred again. Helen, home from a meaningful potpourri of overseas missions assignments, realized she and her husband, Roger, weren't fully content when sidelined for long from being active workers in God's missionary service.

Though now past retirement age, the Spauldings yearned again to do something of value to God and His needy children and to experience afresh the extravagant joy of being short-term missionaries.

This second book in Helen's three-part Go If You Must series covers the Spauldings' efforts to rebuild a church campground and to work on a church farm in Costa Rica, a stint in the Navajo Nation in the U.S., a return to Costa Rica for an evangelism mission, a work mission in Northern Finland, and a one-year missionary assignment to Khabarovsk, Far East Russia. Language challenges and frequent exhaustion accompany the Spauldings' rewards as they bridge cultural gaps and explain the love of Jesus in a way others can understand. As with her first book, Helen writes in hopes of raising up more workers to labor in Christ's overseas vineyards and to praise God for the wonderful opportunities He gives when people are willing to pack up and follow Him.

Helen Stephenson Spaulding is a writer who believes in sharing the vast experiences God has given her as a nurse, Peace Corps volunteer, church worker, teacher, musician, and missions volunteer. She has served in Liberia, Somalia, Costa Rica, Finland, the Navajo Nation, Peru, Far East Russia, and several Central American countries--most of these assignments alongside her husband, Roger. Her other interests are raising and showing Saddlebred colts, taxidermy, and crafts.

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