Author Discusses One Reason Jehovah's Witnesses Can Be Excommunicated

A new book, Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower, examines this issue and more as they are presented from the perspective of Joe B. Hewitt, an ex-Jehovah’s Witness who, at age 10, was so deeply controlled by the Watchtower that he was going door to door and standing on street corners to distribute the organization’s literature.

Joe B. Hewitt has dedicated himself to exposing the Watchtower’s false teachings and to helping Jehovah’s Witnesses ascend from mental bondage into Christian liberty. He has served as a pastor, evangelist and missionary, and has received a bachelor of divinity and a master of arts in biblical studies. His first book, I Was Raised a Jehovah’s Witness, sold 45,000 copies in the English edition and was also translated and published in Chinese.

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