Old Testament Offers Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

Deceit and murder. Nakedness and shame. Worldwide flood. Animal Sacrifices. Sound like scenes from a movie? These are actually topics from the Old Testament of the Bible. In Created to be Spiritual: Understanding God's daily battle with Satan for the hearts and minds of His people, veteran author Joe E. Tarry journeys through story after dramatic story in the Old Testament to show how Satan tries to undermine the spiritual growth of believers.

In his conversational tone, Tarry begins the walk through the Old Testament with an in-depth look at the perfectly spiritual first couple - Adam and Eve - and then the six major consequences of their sin. Tarry traces the diabolical lineage of humanity and compares it to God's spiritual lineage. He includes well-known events such as Noah's ark and the flood and Abraham's near-sacrifics of his son, but adds unique perspectives and factual details to create an overall picture of God's plan and purpose for people.

Throughout Created to be Spiritual, Tarry portrays Satan's shifty behavior and tactics that he uses to undermine the human race. The book illustrates God's constant, holy character and how he adjusts His strategies to provide for and protect His people. the book answers questions such as Where does evil originate? and How can evil penetrate a perfect world? Tarry discusses other topics, including the purpose of angels, the results of sin, the dangers of alcohol and the importance of tithes.

Tarry's detailed commentary and abundant use of Scripture make the Old Testament easy to understand and apply to everyday life. Further practicality, Tarry includes questions for reflection at the end of each chapter that can be for personal or small-group use.

"Rather than a technical or critical commentary, this book is a comprehensive overview of the Old Testament. It is devotional, practical, and filled with moral and ethical applications. the literary style is conversational and dialogical. Like a drama the story unfolds in a way that keeps the reader's interest," writes Dr. Dwight B. Lowrie Sr., pastor of Liberty-Eylau Baptist Church and coordinator of Brazil Partnership Missions, in an endorsement of the book.

Joe E. Tarry was born near Lovington, NM, in 1935. He graduated with a double major and received a bachelor of arts in religion and history from Eastern New Mexico University and a master of divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Leona, are retired missionaries and live in Ruidoso, NM. His first book, Did Paul Approve of the Tongues Spoken in Corinth?, explores 1 and 2 Corinthians and Paul's conclusions about the practice of speaking in tongues.

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