How do you blend faith with living day-to-day?

Our faith in God saves us; the Bible testifies to that. But what difference does that faith make in our lives? If works don't insure our salvation, what's the purpose of right Christian behavior? If we have transformed lives in Christ, what specific works represent an outgrowth of our belief?

Anne Fortenberry tackles all these questions in her new, nine-week interactive Bible study, Faith that Works. In a warmhearted, personal approach, Anne reveals fresh insights into the Book of James that will strengthen participants' faith, enrich their walk with the Lord, and challenge them to apply well-known scriptural principles.

Participants in a
Faith that Works small group will learn how to cope with trails and temptations, how to develop characteristics such as obedience, tongue control, wisdom, and trust in God, how to endure suffering, and how to restore wandering believers, among other topics.

A separate leader guide (ISBN 1-978-934749-50-0) provides helps for those facilitating a
Faith that Works group in weekly sessions.

Anne Fortenberry has served as a Southern Baptist missionary, a university lecturer and division chair, and a health-care consultant. She holds a doctor of nursing science degree from the Louisiana State University Medical Center School of Nursing, a master of science from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a bachelor of science from Mississippi College. She and her husband, Archie, are parents of three grown children.

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