Review of "Families of the Bible"

In a series of posts, popular blogger SelahV will be reviewing the new book, Families of the Bible: How They Coped with Today's Problems by Howard Hovde and Louis Moore. She wrote a great introduction to the reviews on her blog SelahVToday.

In the introduction, SelahV focused on the issue of 'what am I passing on' and discussed some of the everyday things that she has passed on to her daughter. She includes a quote from Families of the Bible about how patterns often repeat within families. In upcoming posts on her blog, SelahV will offer a "sampling" from the book. Please visit her blog at SelahVToday.typepad.com.

She has also posted her first part of the review of the book on her blog. In her review, SelahV says, "
I see the evaluations and observations they [Howard Hovde and Louis Moore] make from biblical families and relationships as extremely helpful for today's families and individuals--especially those who cannot understand how to fit their square peg into a round hole of extended family interactions."

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