Christian Voice Magazine Features Mary Anne Phemister

In the February issue of Christian Voice magazine, Hannibal Books author Mary Anne Phemister tells her story in an article entitled Lessons From A Broken Chopstick - The love of God is what sustains Mary Anne Phemister.

Mary Anne, who grew up as a missionary kid in foreign countries and attended boarding schools apart from her parents for most of her school-age years, wrote Lessons from a Broken Chopstick: A memoir of a peculiar childhood. In the book, she details her father's resolute zeal for the lost people of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Taiwan. But the dark side of such unmovable faith, passion, and zeal was another matter. Was the cause really worth the emotional pain, suffering, and price that Mary Anne believes she and her siblings, as well as their submissive mother, paid for their father’s intractable passion to witness for Christ overseas?

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