Hannibal Author Posts Blog About Southern Baptists in Haiti

In a post on his blog,
Louis Moore on Religion, Hannibal author Louis Moore proposed that Southern Baptist Convention leaders should step forward and take responsibility for preaching the message to 'go'. This is in connection to the 10 Southern Baptists who are in legal trouble in Haiti after they went to the country without training or legal preparation and now face charges for trying to cross the border with children who had no documentation.

In his post, Louis--who was the religion editor for the Houston Chronicle for nearly 15 years--says this kind of legal incident is by no means rare and that SBC leaders should accept responsibility for their fervent insistence that church members 'go' to share the gospel, but who don't always provide the proper training for these 'independent' missions.

To read Louis' post, visit his blog at louismooreonreligion.blogspot.com or click here.

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