CAREERSOLUTIONS David Rawles' Helps People Find Jobs God's Way

The New York Times reported today that stocks continue to fall for the second day in a row, that the GDP shrank again, and other indicators that our economy is still not on the upturn. (See the article here.)

With more people losing jobs or families struggling to find more income, David Rawles' book Finding a Job God's Way is flying off the shelves. David, who can be heard every Saturday on KVTT 91.7 in Dallas for Career Solutions, is a motivational speaker, executive coach and hosts career workshops for those searching for jobs. Learn more about David at www.careerworkshops.org.

The book combines on-target tips with biblical counsel to address any situation that might arise for a job-seeker: processing hurts from past employment, making a positive first impression with an interviewer, knowing when to discuss salary, answering tough interview questions, learning how to "close the deal", networking with contacts, writing follow-up letters, and more.

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