"Secret Lullaby" is a "magical story", says Kimberly with She Scribes Blog

Secret Lullaby by Jodie Brownd Blancett is a story that begins with a little girl who lives by the sea and is enamored one evening by a beautiful song wafting through the air. One day the girl finds a shell with a special message inside. The message says she has a secret friend who sings this lullaby. Through the girl’s encounters with her friend, she learns that certain things still exist even if they can’t be seen.

Kimberly with She Scribes blog has written a wonderful review of Secret Lullaby, and we at Hannibal Books appreciate the mention. View her blog entry here.

Jodie Brownd Blancett, a mother of two and former Miss Texas contestant, began to create the book’s poem when her daughter had trouble falling asleep. The bedtime story quickly turned into a special time for mother and daughter.

Secret Lullaby holds a special place in Jodie’s heart for other reasons, too. Before she had children, Jodie was a national account manager for Gucci, a leading luxury goods company. When she decided to stay home to rear her children, she wasn’t prepared to deal with the different lifestyle. She experienced some postpartum issues and struggled to understand her new identity, which had previously been focused on her job.

Through creating this book, Jodie has found something that she can do for herself that doesn’t take away from her family. Jodie says she respects both stay-at-home mothers and those who continue in their career and understands that each path has benefits for different people. She encourages all mothers to support each other, regardless of their lifestyle choices.

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