WFAA Interviews Hannibal Author About Army John Doe Letters

Camille Lee Hornbeck, author of "Rebekah Ann Naylor, M.D.: Missionary Surgeon in Changing Times," and her husband, Jeff, were recently interviewed by reporter Jim Douglas with Channel 8 WFAA in Fort Worth. The interview was regarding the "Dear John Doe" letters that the Army sent to some families who lost soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Jim Douglas mentions Camille's book as a way she has helped deal with the loss of their son, Master Sgt. Kelly Hornbeck, a green beret, silver-star winner, who was killed in Iraq five years ago this month.

Check out the news story on WFAA's website.

The book, which was released in June 2008, is a fascinating, inside look at Dr. Rebekah Naylor's life, from her deliberation when choosing a specialty in the last year of medical school, to her life in Bangalore, India, where the hospital into which she had poured her life faced possible sale.

Dr. Naylor’s amazing story is one of extraordinary obedience to God and perseverance in difficult circ
umstances. Her family life (as the daughter of Robert Naylor, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1958-1978) and spiritual foundations led the way for her superb accomplishments, which include receiving the Pre-med Student of the Year award at Baylor University; being the only female in her 1968 residency class and the first woman to graduate from the surgical residency program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School; and greatly improving and expanding the entire Bangalore Baptist Hospital in India during her 35 years of unselfish work as a medical missionary.

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