More Christmas Gift Ideas--Only Two Weeks Left!

For the Intellectual

Created to be Spiritual and Jesus Restores True Spirituality by Joe Tarry
In a conversational tone, Joe takes readers through first the Old Testament and, in his second book in the series, the New Testament, showing how Satan tries to thwart God's plan for His people.

Evolution: How a Theory Made a Monkey Out of Man by Sam McCormick
After years of believing evolution fit into his biblical views, Sam was introduced to surprising information that sparked a three-year exhaustive study of the theories of evolution and six-day creation. He has compiled his findings in this easy-to-read book.

My Professor Says the Bible is a Myth by Thomas B. Tribelhorn
This explosive book exposes the claims against the Bible as a gross distortion of the evidence. Dr. Tribelhorn brings a lifetime of experience and intensive study in Israel to bring the reader face-to-face with the real facts.

For the History Buff
Historical Atlas of Texas Methodism by William Carson Hardt and John Wesley Hardt
This is a superb exposition of how the Methodist faith came to Texas and how that faith shaped—and was shaped by—historic movements in the Lone State State and nation.

Manley Beasley: Man of Faith -- Instrument of Power by Ron Owens
From intensive care units to the pulpits of America and beyond, Brother Manley, as he was known to the thousands of lives he touched, goes on living through the testimonies and teachings found in this book that some are saying is destined to become a classic.

For the Fiction Fanatic
The Daughter of No One by Viola Palmer
This story is the rapidly moving fiction book of a young girl living on the border of Nicaragua and Honduras.

When the Heart Soars Free by Kay Moore
A storybook romance blooms when two ski experts meet in a picturesque mountain wonderland.

A Father's Betrayal by Ashley Williams
He used to call me his son. Now he calls me his prisoner. Alone . . . Betrayed . . . Forgotten . . . But faith in God never can be broken. Follow this fictional story.

For the Poetry-Lover

So by Martha Bible Smith
Even at 93 years of age Martha Bible Smith is not afraid to delve into "the life of the mind". In this volume-her second book of poetry to be published-Smith poignantly and profoundly explores themes of family, friends, memories, aging, and even current events.

For the Mission-Minded
On the Go for the Lord by William D. Bailey
Dr. Bailey's travels have taken him literally around the world. In this, his third volume, Dr. Bailey brings his travels up to date as of late 2010.

Misadventures in Travel: A Missionary's Experience in Brazil by Paula Edwards
Assigned as itinerant mappers, Van and Paula were to travel the Brazilian coastline and identify fishing villages that needed churches planted there. Nothing could have prepared them for the adventure that followed.

No Retreat--No Regrets by Jamie and Lea Peters
For Jamie and Lea Peters the overwhelming passion that seizes them day-in and day-out is for the continent of Africa and the souls there that do not know Jesus as Savior.

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