Are You Struggling?

Life is full of limitations--sickness, pain, disease. Most people never question the existence of these things in our lives. Why? They simply assume that these limitations are permanent parts of the human experience and that the only way to deal with them is to make the best of them.

The world tells us that we can't change things that it says are meant to be.

The world blinds us with its deception and deceit to keep us from the Truth.

The so-called "self-help approach" offers many futile solutions that leave us weary, exhausted, and utterly defeated. Clearly, a different approach--a second opinion--is needed in the matter.

In his book Get a Second Opinion, author and minister T.C. Morgan explores how God's Word can transform believers into the bold creations that they originally were designed to be. He encourages us to open our eyes, seek the Truth, and refuse to let this world remove all of our spiritual senses and recklessly operate in us.

If you're struggling with the troubles and trials of this world, heed the words of T.C. Morgan and get a second opinion from God's Word!

T.C. Morgan is the senior pastor and founder of Potter's Wheel Ministries. He has a heart to see God's people use the power of God's Word to help them change inside themselves. Therefore, he has devoted his life to lead by example. Through his life-changing messages, he reveals to believers the practical side of the Gospel that demonstrates how much God truly loves us. Through the many applicable vehicles he offers and through his hands-on style of ministry, Pastor Tommy desires to empower your life for success. He is also a musician, writer, artist, and a family man who loves his Lord.

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