Still Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas?

Here are a few ideas to get started on your Christmas list. Check back early next week for additional suggestions.

For Kids
Bo Peep's Prize by Tammy Gaynier Steeples
Will Holly get her costume together in time for her school's Horse Show?

The Little Brown-Haired Girl and The Secret Tree Club by Kay Moore
When the Little Brown-Haired Girl and her neighborhood friends decide to form a "Secret-Tree Club", they have no idea that they are about to uncover the biggest news on the block!

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For the Fitness-Guru
Fit to Serve by Stephanie Dean
A six-week Bible study by Christian health expert and dietitian Stephanie Dean focuses on helping each individual member of the Body of Christ to function at optimum capacity, which means each person strives to be spiritually and physically fit to serve.

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For the Busy Mom or Wife
Pace Yourself: 365 Devotions from the Daily Grind by Rebekkah Trittipoe
An ultra-marathon runner, Rebekkah includes daily devotions to inspire, encourage, and help us see God's revelations in the mundane things of life.

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