Families Can Learn About Depression Era Through This Classic Read-Aloud

Depression-Era memorabilia has become highly sought-after. People are digging for recollections, remembrances, and tips for how others lived in that frightening time in the last century so today's folk might learn insights to help in these days of startling economic meltdown.

No more profound truths about the late 1920s and early 1930s can be found than in the pages of In Care of the Conductor, a boy's heart-warming memoir of growing up during that tight Depression era and how individual families coped.

Author Jim Rogers' single mom is unable to find work in her rural Southern town, so she moves to the big city, where she secures a job. This means little Jimmie has to ride a train by himself from his grandparents' farm to enable him to see his mother at all. In this endearing tale, as he travels Jimmie has to wear around his neck a sign that reads, "In Care of the Conductor."

The book reveals the woes as well as victories that families experience during a time when they have to live on next-to-nothing. Nothing is wasted, every inch of everything is put to good use, all meals are made "from scratch", and people consider themselves wealthy merely if they can enjoy fellowship with friends and family.

The book shows young Jimmie's awareness of the importance of faith to see him through and his realization that his life, despite its troubles, depends on the Great "Conductor" to guide him and his loved ones to better days

This book is an economically priced family-read-aloud selection or ideal for Homeschool families to help today's youngsters learn about life in another economic meltdown time.

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