How Do Working Parents Juggle Church Activities?

In homes throughout the United States, both husbands and wives hold outside jobs. This includes Christians as well as non-Christian families. How do these families manage to balance their work, home, and church responsibilities? How do they continue to include the church in their hectic schedules? How do church leaders minister to the stresses involved in two-paycheck families? How can they best utilize these church members who constantly are short on time?

Journalists Louis and Kay Moore interviewed numerous other Christian, two-paycheck couples to see how these were coping with such conflicts. In this book,
When You Both Go to Work: How Two-Paycheck Families Can Stay Active in the Church the Moores share what they have learned from these couples and from their own experiences about setting priorities, budgeting time, learning when to say no (and when to say yes), and dealing lovingly with criticism.

When You Both Go to Work answers questions such as:

* What does the Bible say about women working outside the home?

* Does being a two-paycheck family go against God's plan for men and women?

* How can I decided which church activities to attend and which to give up when my time is limited?

* How do I deal with disagreements with fellow Christians about this important issue?

* How can I as a church leader make my programs more responsive to the needs of two-paycheck families?

* How can I plan wisely so that heavy demands on my time don't endanger my spiritual life?

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