How to Prevent Addiction by Kids, Endorsed by Dr. Laura

All parents want to know how to keep their children from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. But in this day and age when common substances like prescription drugs are being used to get a high, how do parents protect their kids?

The answers may lie in this book that was endorsed by Dr. Laura. Written by Louisiana's family doctor of the year for 2007 and the father of four, John C. Fleming, MD, Preventing Addiction: What Parents Must Do to Immunize Their Kids Against Alcohol and Drug Addiction provides answers to questions that continue to perplex many parents:
* Why can't our kids "just say no" to alcohol and drugs?

* What do we need to know to immunize our kids against addiction?

* What do we need to do to prevent addiction?

Combining the latest scientific research with the important principles involved in building moral character in young people, Dr. Fleming provides:

* Indisputable facts about the consequences of early first use of addicting substances on the developing brain.
* Critical information about depression, attention-span disorders, and other conditions that contribute to addiction.
* Tools and techniques to help parents prevent early first use, at all costs!

* A "blueprint" for rearing a non-addicted child.

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