Focus on Your Marriage for Your Family's Benefit

We now move from focusing on your kids and keeping them safe, to improving your relationship as a couple. The first book we'll highlight, Sex 101: Over 350 Creative Ways to a Godly, Loving, Pleasurable Marriage, is about the enjoyment of the physical union that God created between man and woman. What husband and wife don't, at some point, want their physical relationship invigorated?

Authors John and Cathy Gries believe the God who created hormones and sexual impulses and put them within our physical framework, intended for marriage partners to enjoy each others' bodies. They wrote
Sex 101 to help couples be better stewards of God's good gift of sex, within the confines of monogamous marriage.

In clean, non-academic, specific language, the Grieses outline more than 350 imaginative ways that members of a married duo can reframe the art of lovemaking. Without even leaving the perimeters of home, a couple can rekindle the spark--sometimes through no more than a mere word, touch, or slight change of the environment.

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